Welcome to Carson Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. We provide an effective and comprehensive range of quality chiropractic care to those in and around Hot Springs, Ark. Whether you require a small adjustment or treatment of a more serious condition, we provide effective and affordable therapeutic solutions. This includes the consideration of nontraditional options as well as relief from a wide variety of symptoms associated with multiple ailments.

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Our clinic has been providing patients with alternative and traditional treatments for over 30 years. We can successfully evaluate and diagnose your problem and provide care ranging from acupuncture therapy to therapeutic vitamin counseling. Improve the way you feel with our cost-effective services. Contact us today!

Dr. Carson does not prescribe medications.  Therefore, he will not take any patient off medications or prescribe any medication alterations to your prescription medications, if any, will be made with the full consent & consultation of your medical doctor.  Dr. Carson also does not treat any diseases.  Although most all health conditions can be improved, supported by, or corrected by clinical nutrition.  Dr. Carson’s goal & objective is to identify nutritional imbalances & correct them resulting in improved health and vitality.